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A close-up image of Wesley Tucker's hands as he tattoos on his client's arm.

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Properly taking care of your new tattoo is vital. If you have any concerns regarding healing, check out this section or reach out to your artist independently.

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About Us

Honeydew Tattoo Collective creates a safe and accessible space for queer & POC tattooers to enter the industry. Artists are given the freedom to learn from experience and each other in an environment that's different from the traditional tattoo shop.

We are dedicated to serving our community. Artists at Honeydew frequently host individual fundraisers to support local organizations and mutual aid for marginalized and at-risk individuals.

We are located at:
1500 NW 18th Avenue, Suite #102
Portland, OR 97209
(directly behind the Sultan Cafe)
Metered parking is available on the street, with limited free parking in the lot. We are easily accessible to those with mobility issues, as we have a ramp leading right up to our front door.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book an appointment?
Contact your artist directly! Please make sure they are accepting new clients before reaching out via email.

What should I include in my email?
A detailed description of your idea, and include any & all reference images if you have them! Let us know what size (in inches) and where you'd like to place it. Please be as specific as possible! Lastly, it helps to give us an estimated budget, your availability, and any pre-existing health conditions you may have that we should be aware of.

Are you accepting walk-ins or out-of-town clients?
Unfortunately due to COVID-19, not at this time! We are just as eager to work with all you lovely folks, but public safety is our top priority.

What are your COVID-19 protocols?
Prior to your appointment, your artist will email you a COVID-19 questionnaire that you will be required to fill out before you arrive. Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times within the building. We will take your temperature with a touchless forehead thermometer as soon as you walk through the door. Additionally, we have a HEPA air purifier running at all times within the space. If you feel under the weather or believe you may have come into COVID-19 within 14 days of your appointment, please reschedule your ASAP. We have immuno-compromised artists in this space.

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?
Take good care of your body! Get a good night's sleep the night before your appointment, and be sure to drink plenty of water the day before & the day of. It's best to eat a filling, protein-rich meal within 2 hours of your appointment. Arrive freshly showered and wear clean, comfortable, and loose clothing. If you are getting tattooed in a more intimate area, wear something that allows your artist easy access while still keeping you covered. You may bring a comfort object like a book, plushie, or handheld gaming system if you need something to distract yourself!

Avoid alcohol and blood-thinning medication, as they can cause complications during the tattoo. You may take acetaminophen (Tylenol) for pain management, but avoid NSAIDs like ibuprofen (Advil). Please do not apply any topical numbing agents to the area, your artist will apply it for you if needed. If you have any health conditions (dermatitis, low blood sugar, dizzy spells, allergens, etc.), please let your artist know ahead of time so we can accommodate you as best as we can!

What forms of payment do you accept?
Each artists accepts different forms, so be sure to check in with them individually!

How much will it cost?
This varies from artist to artist, so be sure to double-check what your artist's rates are! Most artists in the space work at $125/hour, with a $50 deposit required to book your appointment.

Meet the Artists

Due to the nature of our collective, each artist handles their booking independently. Please contact your artist directly to book your appointment.

An image of Chelsea Brazzo tattooing.

Chelsea Brazzo

Specializes in immortalizing your furry friends in black & grey ink.

Wesley Tucker

Specializes in a charming cartoon style laden with pop culture references

An image of Wesley Tucker tattooing

Buckley Myers

Specializes in bold lines, black & grey with pops of color, and kitschy designs that'll satisfy your inner child.

Carla Javier-Brea

Specializes in exclusively blackwork inspired by folklore, mythology, Dominican culture & landscapes, and superstitions

Steph Wise

Specializes in witchy, nerdy, botanical + fantastical ink illustrations

-artist's name-

Specializes in ....

Chelsea Brazzo

Image of Chelsea Brazzo smiling. She wears a tan beanie, striped shirt, and pale blue denim overalls. Behind her is various gree

Chelsea is a transplant from Pennsylvania with a strong affinity for dogs and the outdoors, the two most prominent subjects of her art. To her, being a tattooer is like being a gilder. For many, tattoos provide a sense of armor, and for her, it is immensely humbling to be trusted with the responsibility of detailing that armor. Connecting with clients through their stories, continuing to learn the ways in which tattoos can help us navigate trauma, and providing a safe space for people of every walk of life to have access to and participate in tattoo culture are key aspects of her practice. When she’s not tattooing, Chelsea can be found spending time with her three dogs, exploring the nooks and crannies of the PNW.

Rate: $125/hr , $100/hr for POC

image description: (above) Chelsea Brazzo looking off-screen to the right with her hands in her pockets. She's wearing a tan beanie, brown striped shirt, and pale blue denim overalls.

(below) Various images of Chelsea's tattoos, primarily dogs in black & grey ink and an anatomical diagram of a canine skull

Wesley Tucker

Born & raised in a tiny town nestled within Oregon's Willamette Valley, Wesley was never seen without a pencil in his hand. He'd found his passion for art & creative spark at a very early age. While he'd always known he wanted to pursue the art, he wasn't sure how to go about it. He'd attended Portland State University as a fine art major for a little less than a year before deciding college just wasn't for him. He stepped away in the winter to reflect on his options, and around this time he had started to get tattooed more often.

Willing to try anything once, he enrolled in tattoo school. Almost immediately he had taken a shine to the craft. He enthusiastically finished his studies, learning everything he possibly could, and made his way into the world.

Wesley loves to collaborate with others to create permanent works of art. He enjoys meeting all sorts of lovely folks through his work. He's eager to learn and even more eager to geek out about literally anything under the sun with anyone who'll listen. From video games to comic books to late 80's time travel movies, drawing nerdy stuff is his greatest passion.

Rate: $125/hr, $100/hr for POC

image descriptions: (above) Wesley Tucker is holding his black Sphynx cat, Obi-Wan. Both of them are looking up curiously at something off-screen. Obi-Wan is sitting somewhat over Wesley's shoulder. His arms are crossed over eachother to support the cat's weight. Wesley's wearing a black t-shirt while Obi is characteristically naked.
(below) Various images of Wesley's work, including a coyote pup, malachite skull, various plush animals, and the Pokémon Arcanine & Umbreon.

Buckley Myers

Buckley is a nonbinary artist originally from California! Being a trans creative, much of their childhood was spent using art as a form of escapism. Their work today is still firmly grounded in the themes of their childhood; fantasy, comfort, and nostalgia! Tattoos to them are much like a time capsule; they love working with clients to immortalize those special moments, interests, and journeys forever!
Being a queer person, Buck strives to provide a fun and welcoming environment for all clients, especially those who may not feel comfortable in a traditional shop environment!

Rate: $100/hr, $80/hr for POC

image descriptions: (above) image of Buck's instagram icon: a black & white goat wearing some rockin' shades
(below) Various examples of Buckley's work including a clown, a furby, a house with chicken legs, and a cowboy pinup

Carla Javier-Brea

Rialenga is an artist and printmaker from the Dominican Republic, raised traveling and exploring the Dominican countryside and the Caribbean ocean. From an early age, she has been gathering experiences and narratives that are entwined with mythology and folklore from the island. Her art centers around childhood memories, Dominican culture & landscapes, family mythology & superstitions, and dreams.

Rialenga sees tattooing as an expression of self love, and identity. Helping people feel happy and comfortable in their own skin, and being granted the honor of facilitating that with her work is something she finds incredibly humbling.

When she’s not tattooing, you can find her longboard dancing, at the skatepark, on a surfboard, or looking at things with her pocket microscope and/or magnifying glass.

Rate: $100/hr

image descriptions:
(below) Various examples of Rialenga's work including multi-headed creatures & imps with forked tongues

Steph Wise

Steph is a queer printmaker and artist, they grew up all over Multnomah and Clackamas County (Chinook, Kalapuya and Molalla land). As an adult their work explores fine line, biblical and a woodblock printing style of ink. Their inspiration has always been drawn from their Irish Catholic upbringing. An anime loving witch emerges from that trauma and abuse. Mixing dark sculpted lines, raw emotion, balanced with cross hatching. As well as adorable and familiar childhood imagery, and a pop of occasional color! As an adult, they finally have housing security can fully experience a childhood. Fantastical, botanical, the nerdy + natural niche.

Steph aims to give beloved imagery and emotionally sacred memories their home. Embracing physical and mental scars: Redesigning their body with permanent art is and has been their passion since their first encounter with tattoos, many years ago. They extend blessings to everyone helping them live their dreams. Let’s work together to respect and honor this art form, all it’s tradition and make this art form as accessible and comfortable as possible.

Rate: $100/hr

image descriptions: (above) image of steph
(below) Various examples of Steph's work including soot sprites, insects, No Face, and a pair of embroidery scissors


Properly taking care of your new tattoo is a crucial step of the healing process. Our artists are as sterile as possible to ensure your safety (and ours!) Its important to keep your tattoo clean and healthy to avoid the risk of infection. Your artist will individually review aftercare instructions during your appointment, and will send you home with the information you need to extend the lifespan of your stellar new ink!


Each artist opts to bandage tattoos a little differently, and its important to follow their instructions to the letter first and foremost. That being said, the two most common bandage options are transparent dermal shields and absorbant medical pads.
Please notify your artist ahead of time if you are concerned about or have had a reaction to adhesives or latex in the past.

Dermal shields (aka Saniderm, Second Skin, Viewguard, etc.) are often used in the ICU to treat burn victims and act as an impenetrable, water-resistant barrier. It remains on the skin for 3-5 days to protect your tattoo during its most vulnerable stage of healing, and (because it's transparent) you get to show off your fresh ink to the world! However, the adhesive has been known to cause allergic reactions or flare-ups to those with pre-existing skin conditions.

Absorbant medical pads are black pads secured with a lightweight, self-adherent compression wrap. These bandages do not allow the skin to breathe as effectively as a dermal shield and will need to be removed within 4-6 hours after your appointment. These pads are often used in sensitive areas where the thin is very thin (such as in and around your elbow/knee ditches and your armpit) where the dermal shield is most likely to cause skin irritation. These contain little to no known adhesive allergens.

Healing with Dermal Shield

If your artist sent you home with a dermal shield bandage, you may start to notice a build-up of ominous murky fluid underneath. That is completely normal and to be expected! This is a lovely soup of ink, blood, and plasma that your body has expelled as it works to heal your fresh ink. Should you spring a leak remove or replace your bandage immediately by following steps 1 & 2. If the protective seal has been compromised and harmful germs will have free reign to get all up in your new tattoo's business.

1. Leave the dermal shield (saniderm, second skin, etc.) stuck to your skin for 3-5 days, and remove in the shower under warm running water. Pulling the bandage up towards yourself, much like you would a command strip, is significantly less painless than if you were to pull down and away.

2. With clean hands, gently wash away the ink & plasma that has accumulated underneath the bandage with unscented soap such as Dr. Bronner's 18-In-1 Hemp Baby Unscented Pure Castille Soap or Dial Gold.

3. Allow your tattoo to air dry before applying a very very thin layer of fragrance-free white lotion such as Curel or Lubriderm.

4. It's important to keep your tattoo clean and moisturized, however overdoing it can result in a pretty gnarly heal. You should only need to wash your tattoo after removing the bandage and be conservative with your use of lotion.

5. Wear loose clothing for the duration of your healing journey. As tempting as it may be do not pick at or scratch your itching and peeling tattoo! Any abrasive rubbing against your tattoo could result in a poor heal.

6. You can and should shower after getting a tattoo! However, refrain from soaking your tattoo (such as taking a bath or swimming in a pool, lake, or the ocean) until it has completely healed. Standing water is a playground for bacteria that could swim their way into your open wound and cause infection. Remember, clean and moisturized but not perpetually wet!

7. Artists are as sterile as they can possibly be. That being said, one can never completely rule out the possibility of infection.
If you notice a green or yellow discharge coming from your tattoo, see a doctor immediately! These are big red flags for infection.

8. It's best to shade your tattoo from the Sun's light as it's healing! Ultraviolet rays can cause the breakdown of pigments in the ink to accelerate, resulting in your tattoo fading much faster than usual. (Once healed) smear a healthy amount of sunscreen on your tats whenever you're out and about to ensure they stay bold and beautiful!

Of course, should you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to your artist!

Contact Us

Please contact your artist directly to book an appointment.

Chelsea Brazzo[email protected]
Wesley Tucker[email protected]
Buckley Meyers[email protected]
Carla Javier-Brea[email protected]
Steph Wise[email protected]